quinta-feira, 19 de maio de 2016


I would never delete this blog, it carries too much of my soul. But I am not sure it still represents me or just drags my baggage along. I want to write again, yet I somewhat freeze when I log in here. There's a weight, a time, a situation associated with every word written that stops me moving forward. I instantly get pulled to a darker place when I am here, which is strange as most memories here are happy, deep though ones... I guess I'll just leave this here, so I can remember and check in if needed be. Because sometimes you need that... to check in to your past self, to retrace the steps of the learning journey to this moment. So maybe this is goodbye or see you soon, maybe time has come to write a new chapter and leave the past where it belongs.

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Man Next Door disse...

Como te compreendo. É quase como entrar num cemitério onde visitamos familiares e amigos.